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Arrow Five Years Out Art Challenge Contest Winner

Arrow Electronics and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival are coming together to bring you the Arrow Five Years Out Art Challenge. Through it, we’re inspiring artists from throughout the world to explore the notion of innovation and express what

Five Years Out looks like

through their medium.



The Archivist :

I Will Not Let You Fade Away


The idea behind The Archivist is that five years from now we will have technology to affordably build these reliable robots. Hundreds of these units would be assigned a human counterpart. For a year they shadow their subjects as unobtrusively as possible and record their daily activities. A complete audio and visual record would be taken. Aspects would include work life, religious and political views, interactions with friends, families and colleagues, sleep schedules, meals eaten, movies cried through, sunsets watched, everything.

The Archivist in essence forms a short documentary or time capsule of that person and the time they lived in. These detailed records would be compiled into a searchable database. Once that person has passed away, their story is uploaded to a cloud server for the world to have access to for eons.

Researchers in the future may stumble upon a person's story decades from now through simple keyword searches that overlap a segment of that person's recorded life. No person is too mundane not to be remembered. No one should be forgotten.